Q trailer is up!

Q is an actiony puzzler game for tablets (currently just iPads, 2 and above recommended). It was made with UDK. Here is the trailer...
(I'll post some info about the gameplay and puzzles soon)

The team: Hosni Auji, Andrew Kalu (music), and me.

Q - PC Build

Q started out as a PC game. It was controlled with a mouse only, and you used it to connect nodes on the spell pad. We were only getting started with UDK, but we managed to get a look, feel, and some controls for a small demo. It relied heavily on post processing effects, cloth simulation, and real time accurate reflections. When we later moved to iPads, none of those features became viable, and the visual had to change drastically. It looked like this:

V1.0 Complete!!!

After 10 grueling months, the demo is complete. Check out the videos and screenshots. 


Gameplay Mechanics 3 - Stacking

The red beacon allows you to move stacks of objects easily. Say you have a stack of objects. This stack can be there already, or you could create one by summoning boxes on top of each other. Start by marking the top box with your red beacon.  

Now when you summon the highlighted cube, the red beacon that was attached to it will fall on the box right below it, automatically marking it red.

Now you can continue the cycle and summon the second box again. That in turn highlights the box under it. 

When you summon the last box, since there are no boxes under it, the mark will remain on the box you just summoned. 

This mechanic allows you transport structures quickly. Notice also how the boxes emerge aligned on the other end. Whenever you summon a box over another box, it automatically aligns. This enables you to create more stable structures.